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What if the restroom experience in your building became one of the most memorable and differentiating factors in your overall building satisfaction?

The restroom is no longer just a place to do one's business. Employees are using restrooms in very different ways as a result of a dramatic workplace evolution. 

Join us for a live webinar as we highlight principles of behavior science, anthropology, human psychology and the aggregation of marginal gains that may be leveraged to customize a differentiated restroom experience without a major renovation.

You'll Learn:

  • Knowledge: Practical examples proven to enhance the occupant experience and change perceptions of management.
  • Application: Three immediate changes that can be made to minimize restroom complaints.
  • Design: Learn to create a halo effect, leveraging the restroom for improved building satisfaction.
  • Evaluation: Evaluate recommendations from the panel of innovative ideas to shift restroom operations into a new direction.


Cerita D. Bethea
Global Behavioral Science, Senior Manager
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 • 11am ET | 8am PT
Duration: 45 Minutes

Why the Restroom Experience Matters

Live Webinar:

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Stephanie Magnan
Strategic Program Marketer
Kimberly-Clark Professional*

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